Citizen Kane vs. 12 Angry Men



Two classics, but I have to give it to Lumet's masterpiece.

I'm with you. It does so much while doing so little.

Citizen Kane because it changed how movies are made. Welles' visual panache is really at the forefront, which might distract from the amazing performances.

both are currently in my top 50 so this is tough....I go with Citizen Kane

defiantly 12 angry men

Citizen Kane is obviously a groundbreaking film, but I feel like 12 Angry Men doesn't try so hard to be great, and is more engaging.

I see why people like Citizen Kane, but I really didn't like it. When you keep looking how much longer is left, that is a sign that the movie isn't holding your attention. 12 Angry Men on the other hand, I have seen three times. Two of those times was coming upon it on t.v by accident and watching the whole thing! So for me it's clear that 12 Angry Men is the movie I prefer.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I found Citizen Kane boring, but it didn't exactly keep me riveted either. To me, 12 Angry Men was so much more interesting.

12 Angry Men lays the smackdown on this one. Agree with most above...I found nothing about Citizen Kane riveting.

12 Angry Men had so many great character moments and scenes, as well as being a film that had a boat load of exposition, yet it all sounds natural and helps to push the story forward.

Citizen Kane

12 angry men is the perfect example of how to make film without budget and mesmerize all the people

oh shit i forgot the acting 12 men kicks asses

Ofdisking and Caesar said it best. I don't dislike Citizen Kane, but it's not a movie you can easily watch. I need multiple sittings to finish it. 12 Angry Men has phenomenal acting, and is a blast to watch. And for a movie that (mostly) takes place in 1 room, it's a blast to watch. 12 Angry Men wins.

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Citizen Kane, when it came out, back in 1941, was a great film but 12 Angry Men, which was made in 1957, is still something of far better quality. Overall, better story and more interesting characters makes 12 Angry Men a clear winner!

12 Angry Men is one of the best films that I have ever seen. Perfectly acted, great script, interesting shots and a story that I feel connected with. Citizen Kane is executed amazingly but doesn't have the heart that 12 Angry Men has.

12AM for me. Its 1 of the most captivating movies i've seen.

Citizen Kane for me. I was way more riveted by Charles Foster Kane.

Even though Citizen Kane is a great film, and it happens to be in my top 20 favourite films list, 12 Angry Men is the winner in my opinion. I felt that it was slightly more interesting, more engaging, and the tension that builds throughout all the dialogue really makes this a fantastic film, and as you're watching it, you are really curious as to how Henry Fonda's character is going to sway all the other jurors for a unanimous decision of not guilty for the defendant, and being a Law student at University, I guess I might be slightly biased towards this film. Haha! It happens to be my 7th favourite film of all time. I loved it the first time, and I still love it after watching it about a dozen times.

They're both excellent, classics and films that deserve to be seen by any movie lover. However, while I recognize that Citizen Kane is the more innovative film and, in many respects, more technically impressive, I've got to give this to 12 Angry Men, which was electrifying, engrossing and extremely impressive in its own right. And, of course, in terms of taste of genre, 12 Angry Men is right up my alley, whereas character study is a genre I'm not *as* enthusiastic about. Citizen Kane is great and did tons for cinema, but I still wouldn't say it's as good as 12 Angry Men.

kane for me

Too easy.

Both are masterpieces. I find it disappointing that people view Citizen Kane as only something of importance and not as a great cinematic experience, because that's exactly what it is. I'm floored by every single shot in the film. I"ll go with Kane is 4 for me and Angry Men is 28.

Both are amazing but I'm going with Citizen Kane

The amazing thin about 12 ANGRY MEN was that it all took place in one room (I think 3 mins in a bathroom) and is still, to this day, is the most gripping, suspenseful, and heart-stopping movie ever made. CITIZEN KANE had some boring parts.

I love 12 ANGRY MEN, even after 12 viewings, it's still the 3rd best movie ever (in my opinion).

12 Angry Men kills in this round

My nr.1 and nr.2 movies. Today I am going for 12 angry men, could be different tomorrow.

i love 12 angry men, and it always impresses me, but it can't hold a candle to kane


12 am, Kane is booring is some parts

Citizen Kane wasn't really for me. 12 Angry Men still remains so powerful, which is incredible considering the simplicity!

12 Angry Men is a cinematic masterpiece, but Citizen Kane is much better

Is this a competition? 12 Angry Men


Citizen Kane was brilliant and a classic film achievement

12 Angry Men feels more important.

I haven't watched kane ter bu i bet it can't be better than a clear masterpiece which is easily one of the best movies of all time

Apologies to all of the film makers and film students who may differ, but 12 Angry Men is better than Citizen Kane.

My appreciation for Citizen Kane has definitely gone up over the years, but I've always loved 12 Angry Men since the first time I watched it several years ago. Two of the greatest directorial debuts in film.

i enjoyed Citizen Kane way more, as of now it's Citizen Kane that dominates for me.

Both movies are in my top 10, but only Citizen Kane is in my top 2. It's one of the most important movies ever made, and could very well be argued to being the greatest movie ever conceived

12 Angry Men is a brilliant movie, but I have to go with Citizen Kane. I always found it strange how people only acknowledge Kane as an influential movie instead of an entertaining one, because I was sucked in and it went by really fast. It's one of the most rewatchable movies I've ever seen, and I've seen it 15 - 20 times. 12 Angry Men, as good as it is, just doesn't compete with that

Both are great but Citizen Kane was my type of movie

12 angry men is very close but not truly 100% ultimate as citizen kane.