The Suicide Squad vs. Black Widow




Neither of these deserved to flop. TSS the least, because it was finally the first thoroughly good DCEU movie. Black Widow was perfectly fine, but I think it would have been a lot better if it was made in the Phase 1.

Marvel vs DC. DC takes this for being more unique and memorable

The suicide squad way better, black widow is okay but nothing like charm more beyond like the suicide squad cut

Two huge disappointments. So glad Suicide Squat FLOPPED.

The Suicide Squad by a hair, I think Black Widow is a really underrated movie though.

Black Widow was meh, The Suicide Squad was surprisingly good

I enjoyed 'em both, a lot. Small edge to Widow...

Both are quite bad. The downward spiral of CBM is palpable now.

Very close for me, Black Widow wins.

The Suicide Squad stomps. Black Widow was an average and forgettable action movie, The Suicide Squad was something truly special.