Batman: Mask of the Phantasm vs. The Dark Knight



I think these are the two top Batman movies, with Tim Burton's coming a very, VERY close second.

Batman 1989, Mask of the Phantasm and then The Dark Knight. These are the top 3, in that order- in my opinion.

I almost agree with Blackmist. I'd throw Red Hood in there also.

I agree, these two(along with Red Hood and maybe '89) are the best Batman movies so far.

Red Hood was very good! But I still can't rank it up there with Mask of the Phantasm.

The two best Batman movies? Quite possibly.

I loved The Dark Knight but where The Dark Knight was more realistic. Batman Mask of the Phantasm stayed to the roots of the comic books with a hint of darkness. Which I like more. Point goes to Batman Mask of the Phantasm.

Mask of the Phantasm was cool but seriously?

Yes. Seriously. ;)

2nd best Batman origin film vs Greatest comic book film of all time. Dark Knight, FTW.

Yesh, The Dark Knight it is.

The Dark Knight is the easy choice for me...

Not easy at all. But TDK has spawned such a blank-faced drooling fanvoy following for a reason.

TDK for sure

Phantasm wasn't bad, but after all of the circlejerk surrounding it before I saw it, with people claiming it's better than TDK, it was a huge let down. I don't really see what sets it apart from a good episode of the animated Batman series.

Mask of the Phantasm animated version is pretty good but it can't beat the only Batman Dark Knight movie in the century..

The mask of the phantasm had the best representation of batman of all time, the second best joker and its arguably the best batman animated film, but I will choose TDK over it anytime for its realism, amazing performances and the actual best joker of all time also if things don't go according to plan everybody goes crazy anyway

The Dark Knight. I like Mask of the Phantasm but Dark Knight is an amazing cinematic experience.

I’m not a comic book reader so a realistic thriller with terrific performances and serious political themes is more my type of movie!

Mask of the phantasm is really good but it doesn’t beat the only great which is remain the 1# best batman film of all.

motp is the better BATMAN movie but not a better overall movie

MOTP isn't the masterpiece I remember it being, though it is really good. TDK wins here.

I don’t get it, why do people think that Mask of the Phantasm is better than Dark Knight. It’s slow and boring at some points. Even The Dark Knight Rises is better