Gran Torino vs. Million Dollar Baby



Million Dollar: 7; Gran Torino: 6

Million Dollar Baby was a better film overall. It had better characters and a better story. Not that Gran Torino was a bad movie. It wasn't just as good as MDB.

Gran Torino wins

Both are great, but Million Dollar Baby got the better story ... and Morgan Freeman

I'm gonna go for Gran Torino

Gran Torino is better


Million Dollar Baby was a significantly better film.

Million Dollar Baby. Gran Torino was good but not as good.

Gran Torino is one of my favorite films, and it was robbed of a Best Picture nomination. That said, Million Dollar Baby is a masterpiece that is completely on another level up there with the all time greats.

Gran Torino was good, but Million Dollar Baby just felt more "whole."


Million Dollar Baby. Two amazing films....and very tough to choose.

Million $ Baby

Gran Torino is my 1314th while Million Dollar Baby is 1315 lol both are good not my favorites but id do like them .

Gran Torino

Million Dollar Baby. Man, Eastwood can direct a movie. :)

Both great, but Million Dollar Baby is a little bit better