Batman Returns vs. The Dark Knight Rises



Dark Knight Rises, easily. Hathaway's Selina Kyle is brilliant and steals every scene she's in, but what's even better is that the character is competently written and well directed, not a haphazard mess.

If we're comparing Catwoman performances, I'd say it's an even draw. Michelle Pfeiffer's kooky performance was a welcome addition to Tim Burton's Gotham and Anne Hathaway is equally at home in Nolan's. To compare the two movies however is a different story. Burton's franchise lacked a strong Bruce Wayne/Batman character and style is clearly always valued over substance. Over twenty years later, they are best appreciated as pop art than a wholly enjoyable piece of cinema. The Dark Knight Rises, while not as compelling as 2008's The Dark Knight, is a totally satisfying entertainment and is an admirable finish to the best superhero trilogy ever made.

Ugh, I hated Catwoman in Batman Returns. So annoying. Batman Returns sucks...I can understand why people say there's so little Batman in TDKR, but at least you get the most emotional portrayal of Bruce Wayne in return, and a lot of it too. Batman Returns has little Batman AND little Bruce Wayne. It's like if you mixed Edward Scissorhands with The Nightmare Before Christmas with Batman characters...and it doesn't work.

Dark knight Rises was so amazing and emotional better than the Dark knight, Avengers, and BB combined. while i thought that Batman Returns was a soild movie it was a little clunkly and didn't feel as well written

well guess im the only one voting for returns