Batman Returns vs. Batman & Robin



Gee, let me think...

eesh... hmm...


"Batman Returns" pros: Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer "Batman & Robin" pros: Uma Thurman and Alicia Silverstone look good in their costumes. Winner: "Batman Returns."

There's really nothing good you can say about Batman & Robin. Well, maybe except that its failure led to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, which is certainly positive. Anyway, this goes to Batman Returns by a landslide.

Nipples. On the Batsuit. F***ing NIPPLES!!!

ha! I love this one. But Michelle Pfeiffer in the catsuit wins every time.

No brainer, and Michelle Pfeiffer makes the choice even easier.



Nipples on Batman or Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwomen....Duh...

I hate "Batman Returns," but there is NO contest of quality here.

Really? Is this even really a choice? Returns

Now these two movies are perfect examples of when the directional style of the director gets really, REALLY out of hand. The two worst batman movies in my opinion. (I haven't seen the 60s Batman movie)

Both are equally bad.

Two Worst Batman movies of all time.

Two Worst Batman movies of all time.

I really do like both of these movies, but I prefer Batman Returns

Returns is even worse than Batman & Robin. I'm biased here since B&R was my very first live-action Batman movie. But even as a kid, I knew Schumacher's vision isn't what the Dark Knight is all about. Phantasm and The Animated Series had already laid the solid groundwork. Those two would remain the definitive and my personal favorite takes on the character until Nolan produced his films. The best thing I can say about Batman and Robin is that it goes all out in the lame and dumb department. It's not tonally uneven like Returns. Penguin's back-story sucks ass, and there wasn't any need for such a sexualized Catwoman, even if the purpose was to tie it to all the feminist bullshit. Batman and Robin provides me with laughs and gets a ton of undeserved hate. It wins. Mr. Freeze's puns are prICEless.

batman returns is better then dark knight rises... easy win

I rewatched the WB Batman quadrilogy recently. Batman Returns is a really tough sit, and is less of a Batman movie than Batman & Robin. It's a Tim Burton movie sometimes featuring Batman. I vote Batman & Robin because it's actually a Batman story and is way more entertaining in its absurdity.

Who could pick Batman and Robin? That's one of the worst films I've ever seen! Not only because it gets the character wrong but it's a poorly written, poorly made cartoon! Despite its flaws, Batman Returns has a great villain in The Penguin, an interesting and coherent narrative, beautiful art direction and great action!

What a tough choice

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES got me reconsidering Bat-flicks and I've ended up enjoying BATMAN & ROBIN as a consequence of that. I still love Keaton & Pfeiffer in RETURNS, but DeVito's Penguin brings it down. BATMAN & ROBIN get the bat-nod.

wait people are unironically voting for B&R?

I cringe FAR less while watching Batman Returns

I don't think Batman Returns is nearly as good as Batman 89, but there is no way Batman & Robin should be getting a single vote at all, let alone 5