Batman Returns vs. Spider-Man




This is a hard one but I think Spiderman wins out.

Tough, but I think Batman Returns has to win it. Against Spider-Man 2 though...

I saw SPIDER-MAN 2 when it came out, and already have a hard time recalling one specific detail of it besides my eyes being sore at the end from rolling about so much. I also saw BATMAN RETURNS when it came out, and even though that was something like 17 years ago, I still have dozens upon dozens of sounds and images still fresh in my mind. It may not have been great art, but it stimulated my imagination 1000% more than SPIDER-MAN 2 did.

Batman over Spidey.

Spidey got some great effects and its watchable, but I prefer the better story wiht better characters and a great Design

For the childhood memories, Batman Returns wins.

Spider-Man BY FAR. Burton's Batman films are nice pieces of cheese but you can't compare them to the classics like Spider-Man.

Spiderman, easily. I've complained about its shortcomings, but they're nowhere near as blatant as Burton's atrocious mess of a film.

Batman Returns just barely passes by Spiderman. I liked spiderman but it was just a regular superhero movie.

I have to go with Spider-Man here

Spider-Man is so much better that it hurts.

BR is my favorite Batman movie after the Nolan films, and SM is my favorite, well, Spider-man movie after 2.1. I love both but I think BR has the better villains. Don't get me wrong, Green Goblin is a great mix between a twisted monster and cheesy arch enemy, and he isn't 2D at all, but Penguin and Catwoman make BR so good. They are sympathetic and also fun. So for that I pick BR. but I'll watch both till my final days.

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