Batman Returns vs. Batman



Batman is a great nostalgic movie, but it does have it's wierd quirks/flaws. Returns, on the other hand, is a stronger, concise film that's a bit more in-line with the character.

Only a bit more, though. He still REVEALS HIS SECRET IDENTITY. That always pisses me off about Tim Burton's Batman movies. It's dumb. I watched Returns 3 nights ago, and I got to the end and remembered why I'm not a big fan. Walken was awesome, though. "I wish... I could hand out world peace... and... unconditional love. Wrapped in a big bow." Me too, Chris. Me too.

The original is actually much better than the sequel. Batman Returns was really silly at times and hasn't aged well, though Batman remains a true classic with an excellent villain that I actually prefer to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

GOD, I need to see Returns again! Until I do, I have to stick with the original. For now.

Batman just didn't move me. People talk about Jack Nicholson's greatness as Joker, but he really isn't all that interesting as a character in Batman. In fact, nobody in Batman is all that interesting. Even the final battle was dull. With Batman Returns, not only was it more entertaining and visually appealing, but I felt something for the characters involved. Michelle Pfeiffer is sexy as Catwoman, sure, but she's also a sad and relatable character. And a hell of a lot more diverting a presence than Kim Basinger was. Though I have mixed feelings about Danny DeVito as Penguin, I still like the fantastical and tragic way the character was handled. I guess Batman just seems so bland and uninvolving by comparison. I think Batman Returns has more style and heart, and makes for a more distinctive experience.

Batman returns is imo the best of the bat-films.Jack Nicholson as the joker was so underwelming.

Aye aye aye, love them both, but the penguin army was maybe a little bit too absurd for me, so the original it is!

another really hard pick...have to go with Jack..

I totally agree with kingofpain on this one. Jack ALWAYS delivers but truth be told,Returns is way more solid through it entirity.

Neither one is a masterpiece, but Batman Returns had the more interesting characters.

Batman Returns? More like Penguin Begins. Batman wins with ease.

Batman 1989 is a little overated got to go with Batman Returns. here is my list of best batman movies. 1. Dark knight Rises 2. Batman Begins 3. Dark knight. 4. Batman Returns 5. Batman forever 6. Batman 7. Batman and Robin

Batman Returns wins easily. Burton's first Batman film is bland and directionless, not an exciting outing for either director or character. Returns on the other hand is a perfect expression of Burton's singular artistic vision, perfectly tailored to the universe of my favorite superhero. And the villains! Totally unforgettable. Catwoman is swoon-worthy, Penguin is creepy and hilarious, and Walken is just delightful, as usual.

Both are very good, but I pefer Returns. It has better characters and is more fun than the original.

There's is something intangibly superior about Batman Returns. Maybe because it's set at Christmas time...

I'm surprised with the amount of support Batman Returns is getting. Then again, it's a matter of taste. Batman Returns was way, waaay too Burton-y for me. If you love A Nightmare Before Christmas (which I do not) and Edward Scissorhands then chances are you love Batman Returns, because it's basically a hybrid of the two with Batman characters. I can't stand it, honestly. While the film does have good elements in it, there's barely any actual Batman, it's too silly and there's a lot of focus on Catwoman and the Penguin, who I don't care about. Nicholson's Joker outshines both, although admittedly that's based on performances. Batman Returns and Batman & Robin are perfect examples showing that lowering studio control isn't always a good thing, especially when eccentric directors like Schumacher and Burton can do whatever they want.

Batman Returns sucks i don't see anything good about this movie The Joker has always been the nemesis of Batman and Jack Nicholson was fucking awesome in this movie Danny Devito looks like a Joker character in this movie and Michelle doesn't looks like nothing from the Catwoman from the comics like Anne Hathaway from TDKR looks like She (Michelle) was a totaly a 100% villian character like The Penguin until the end something that doesn't happen in the from the Catwoman from the comics sorry i'm not saying BR is a crap movie i just say it was bad and i prefer 10 times Batman then Returns and i beginning to think that even Batman Forever was better then Batman Returns i mean't: Batman 1989>Batman Forever=>Batman Returns>Batman and Robin.

Omigod, YoeLuis just made my brain melt out of my ears.

On a whole, Batman Returns is better. It's much more dark and sinister, plus it satisfyingly delves deeper into the characters. Now, Nicholson's Joker is undoubtably better than The Penguin (no disrespect to Danny Devito, he tries his hardest). That said, Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman easily makes up for The Penguin's shortcomings. It's close, but Returns pulls away in the end.

Returns is so fun but Jack as the Joker and the origin story is better.Batma is still one of the better Dark Knight movies.

Cant go wrong with either both have perfect cast and the griity sets and feel makes them more realistic and fun! both are top 5 DC films and match nicely vs Nolens trilogy Im taking Jack as the Joker for the win!

Batman 89 was always the best Burton Batman film in my opinion.

Both are great Batman movies, but I've always preferred the plot and what they did with Returns.

From one Burton Batman to another EXTREMELY Burton Batman, ultimately his restraint in the first film trumps Danny Devito on a giant rubber ducky.

Sure, there's definitely more pathos in Returns, and probably a lot more artistic flourish too. It's a beautiful, melancholy movie, but we're talking about the big daddy of all superhero movies with '89. And Jack Nicholson. Big Daddy and Uncle Jack always win.

I'm not really sure the 89 Bataman holds up all that well. I guess in the 80s the idea of Batman fighting the Joker was fairly novel, watching it through modern eyes it just seems like a series of unconnected plots. Returns fixed this by framing everything around the Penguin's Mayoral campaign. It also looks absolutely gorgeous .

YoeLuis could've written Ulysses (they kinda rhyme too!).

Sure parts of Returns are dopey, but it's never boring. The original often is. Also Nicholson's Joker is just Nicholson being Nicholson. I'm not a huge Burton fan, so it's surprising I am picking the more Burton-y movie here, but Pfieffer's performance alone is enough to make me go with Returns.

I honestly consider Returns one of the best sequels ever made

Batman Returns is decent, but Jack Nicholson is much better than Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny DeVito combined

Both haven't aged well compared to Nolan's Batman honestly, 89 had a better villain in Jack Nicholson's Joker but Pfieffer isn't far behind. Returns has less plot problems overall and had a much better climax. Returns wins.


Nicholson sealed the deal with the original being Burton's best Batman film.