Upgrade vs. Aquaman



Which friend made the better movie, both are bringing genre film making to Australia in new heights but Leigh shot in Melbourne so, sorry Wan, he wins this round


Aquaman was more enjoyable.

C’mon, Aquaman wasn’t anything. It’s just every other superhero movie. Bland, exposition-heavy, dumb and has to rely on pretty great visuals and action set-pieces to distract you from how incompetent the script actually is. Hell, I found myself routing for the villain. He had real motivations. Human beings are ruining the ocean, he clearly wants the movie to mean something. Aquaman on the other hand spent the entire film being disinterested and wanting to go home. How can I route for him? Upgrade, isn’t great in itself, but the filmmaking is brilliant and it’s a huge leap forward for the action genre.

Jesus this is crazy, James Wan is one of my all time favorite directors. However Upgrade is one of the best sci-fi movies of the 21st century. Upgrade for sure wins.