The Rocky Horror Picture Show vs. Brokeback Mountain



Wow, um, Brokeback Mountain is a better movie but... RHPS is a whole lot of fun. I really didn't like Brokeback Mountain but I have to vote for it because it's honestly a better film. I've seen RHPS dozens of times, though.

If you didn't like it it's not really a better movie...

I disagree, if you didn't like it that doesn't necessarily make it a worse film. One could hate Citizen Kane but still recognize it's superiority to a film they enjoyed more, like, for example, The Dark Knight (which is also a great film). There is a clear difference between preference and how good you think something is. I can speak from experience that there are several films I thought were excellent but I just didn't enjoy (Argo, Forrest Gump, etc.). Does that mean I deny that they were better than some other films that I enjoyed more (Les Miserables, The Perks of Being a Wallflower)? No. Of course not.

On a separate note, I believe that Brokeback Mountain is a vastly superior film, although I thoroughly enjoyed RHPS

The Rocky Horror Picture Show gets my vote for being so damn fun.

I'd take a sweet transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania all day long over the gay cowboys from Brokeback Mountain.


Lol @ TommyDoyle2016. I agree.


Brokeback is superior but Rocky has more entertainment value.