The Rocky Horror Picture Show vs. Phantom of the Paradise



If you think that the best cult-classic rock opera is THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW it's only because nobody has heard of PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE. While ROCKY HORROR is ok for teenaged girls and Tim Curry gets credit for representing drag-queens at the multiplex, PARADISE is a satirical riff on Faust and "The Phantom of the Opera" with a great soundtrack and hilarious gags. Did I mention it was directed by Brian Freakin' De Palma?

I wish Phantom had the cult status Rocky does. Hell I wish Shock Treatment did. I think both are better. Even though I love all 3.

Both are fantastic but Rocky is so much more original and passionate. There is nothing else quite like Rocky.

Rocky Horror is more my cup of tea.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show starts off solid, but goes completely off the rails somewhere in the second act - and not in a good way. Phantom of the Paradise is by far my favorite De Palma flick, and that's saying a lot because I love me some De Palma. It's a far better film than Rocky Horror.

Nobody has ever heard of Phantom of the Paradise because it's horrible. Its got a great style and all, there was talent, but overall it was lacking and often cringey. Jessica Harper's fake singing voice was so fake it hurts. Rocky Horror might be an acquired taste or whatever, but it's still the superior rock opera and it always will be. Even the movie adaptation of "Tommy" was better than Phantom. As I said, it's not without its good elements, it's just... not good.

Rocky Horror Picture Show


3 cheers for Rocky Horror Picture Show.