Van Helsing vs. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull



Wow. It's hard to choose which one is worse, and for which reasons. Crystal Skull WAS directed by Spielberg, though. Even a bad flick by him ain't terrible.

Tricky one. I think I enjoyed Van Hellising more due to low expectations.


Spielberg had more in his bag of tricks.

Kate... nuff said.

How is this even a discussion? Van Helsing is just a completely ridiculous film. Bad acting, horrible script, lousy camera work, it has got it all. Sure, Indy 4 isn't particularly great, either; in fact, I was quite disappointed when it came out. But it is, apart from Cate Blanchett, at least watchable and actually enjoyable.

They were both fun without being great, I'll give it to Van Helsing

Going with Van Helsing here.

When I've watched Van Helsing, I've actually been rooting for Kate b00bs! Anyways, I'll pick Kingdom here. Far better movie.

Crystal Skull by default...

Both of these are bad movies, but the Crystal Skull is still Indiana Jones.