Lara Croft: Tomb Raider vs. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade



It's not a feminine version of Indiana Jones. This is typical copy/paste of it. Maybe not typical. Indiana is about knowledge, exploration and adventure and comedy too. Here we have only boobs...

Classics. I really liked Indiana Jones series. This one is not my favourite but still there is something which reminds of childhood dreams about adventure.

No Contest, you cannot beat a classic.

Indiana over Lara. Plus, it's a classic vs. a forgettable movie about a video game.

Indy vs Indy as a woman. I have to with Indy.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is a terrible terrible movie. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is pretty terrific. I wonder who wins?

one is a really good film, the other is a stupid video game with a nice body. Hmmmm - Indy

You really can't compete in this genre.

Not a tough one. Indiana for sure.

Rule 1: If its Star Wars, Indy, or LotR, it auto-wins! (unless its Indy 4 or Star Wars 1-3...)

Look, I have a confession to make: I actually kind of like the Tomb Raider movies. But, as with Nicolas Cage in National Treasure, they are just proof positive that you can't rip off something as iconic as Indiana Jones. (And not only that, but Last Crusade is my favorite Indy movie.) Dumb fun, or the absolute classic? I've wasted too many characters talking about this....

Easily Indiana Jones but hey Angelina Jolie is crazy hot so at least it's got that.

This matchup is hilarious. Tomb Raider doesn't hold up well at all where all the Indiana Jones movies, except for the Crystal Skull, hold up amazingly well.

Indiana Jones. Do I have to say anymore?