Home Alone vs. The Kid



Macaulay Culkin beats Jackie Coogan...

Home Alone's gonna lose this battle 99 times out of 100, because Chaplin's movies are old and black-and-white. I love Home Alone. "But it's a stupid kid's movie!" they'll say. "Shut the fuck up!" I'll say. "It's fucking funny, is what it is." Unfortunately, for Kevin McAllister, I find myself falling in love with Chaplin's movies in a way similar to my worshiping of Jackie Chan, the Almighty. The Kid's just fantastic stuff, my second favorite Chaplin flick after City Lights. So, as much as I hate to do it, I gotta be one of the 99 to your 1, but it's not because The Kid's colorless.

Damn, I love Home Alone. And I love The Kid. Do not know....

the kid is far better