Home Alone vs. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory



Why the fuck is flickchart fuckin obsessed with all the fuckin Depp movies, and star wars, and fuckin the batman movies and the goddamn pirate carb. movies. Jesus fuckin christ. I came to your site the other day (thanks to Zodiac MF twitter), but if you don't un-lame this, I'm OUT.

are you done venting change the filters if you dont want to run into those movies when your ranking simple as that I havent seen the obsession though. I would say flickchart has an obsession with Enemy of the state for me

Terd - I suspect you are getting the series of most popular movies that Flickchart gives you when you first sign up. Flickchart doesn't want to scare you away with a bunch of movies you haven't seen, so it starts out giving you movies it thinks you have seen. If you click on All Movies, you'll get access to the much larger list of tens of thousands of movies in the Flickchart database.

if you dont like these then choose by specifying what kind of movies you want.

I think... Home Alone. It's a bit more entertaining.