Xanadu vs. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band



Oh, these both make me so, so very sad... absolute dreck versus each other. I am still recovering from seeing these in my youth. I will probably have to take Xanadu since Gene Kelly is in it, though I much prefer the Pepper soundtrack overall. Why must we choose? It hurts! It hurts!


The rollerskating musical was too much fun to lose here.

Personally, I enjoy both of these competing films The 2 films have their quirks of enjoyment despite their flaws like writing and the oblivious "oh f**k you movie" moments where it comes to OST: Xanadu has a flawless OST thanks to Jeff Lynne and ELO where as Sgt. Pepper's soundtrack has it's hit and miss covers, then again the OST of Sgt. Pepper is way better than that of the hot liberal mess that is "Across The Universe"