The World Is Not Enough vs. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest



Denise Richards and Sophie Marceau win...

Both these movies suck.

Blegh, The World is not Enough. After the first two highly enjoyable Pierce Brosnan Bond flicks, TWINE felt like a bland and boring affair. Pierce Brosnan looked grumpy and bored, Denise Richards is one of the worst Bond girls simply because she can't act (although she isn't as detestable as Halle Berry), the twist is lame and the action is blah. I'll give this one to Dead Man's Chest; the first and last third are actually pretty entertaining.

I actually really like TWINE, but I love Dead Mans Chest. Pirates win.

I'll take a lame Bond movie over a Pirates sequel any day.

The Pirate movies have never struck a chord with me. Plus, Denise is a rocket scientist in this one. Instant win.

This Bond wasn't that bad.