Happy Feet vs. The Lion King



the music in both these films are fantastic the Lion King has become a staple in the world of animation features and Happy Feet was a well written story that we can enjoy as well as learn from i think my favorite would be Happy Feet because of its outstanding songs and comedic cast and dialogue.

"The Lion King" is beautiful and I think one of the best animated films ever. "Happy Feet" is fun, but I probably wouldn't watch it again.


Hard choice but "Happy Feet" had an underdog story that I just loved."Lion King " was more impressive as a Broadway show.

Happy Feet is great, but The Lion King is- as JoyceHeinen said- one of the greatest animated films of all time.

I just wash't a big fan of Happy Feet. Lion King takes it.

I enjoyed Happy Feet more than most, but even I must contend that The Lion King is a better movie.

Happy Feet for the win!

I really love Happy Feet, I think its a very underrated movie, but The Lion King is way better