Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix vs. There's Something About Mary



Difficult one as Harry Potter is part of a franchise that is ongoing. I do like Harry Potter but going to go for There's something about Mary as I think it's a good comedy from the Farrelly Brothers.

There's Something About Mary is a comedy classic, HP5 is the 2nd best HP film, but it ain't that great.

Ok I guess Im the only one who thought Mary was no good, not funny and just plain dumb. Order of the Pheonix is the best Potter movie out there. Easy choice really.

I can't really be objective here because I've never really liked HP, but come on docwible, you didn't think Mary is funny at all? What about the interrogation scene after Ben Stiller picks up the hitchhiker? That is classic comedy.

I love There’s Something About Mary it’s so funny

Order of the Phoenix. I enjoyed There's Something About Mary back when I first saw it, but have never really felt the urge to go back and watch it again.