Fallen Angels vs. Chungking Express



Well, darn. I knew this would have to happen someday. Chungking Express is one of those movies that causes cinematic euphoria. For me, it does, anyway. The entire time it's on, I'm in a giddy daze. Love it, love it, love it. But I often argue with myself, 'cause I'm crazy like that, about whether or not its semi-sequel is the better movie. Kaneshiro is his usual charming self, Charlie Yeung's cute as hell, and Leon Lai's hitman is fun to watch, 'cause he's cool (see what I did there). Chungking's got "California Dreamin'" and Faye Wong. Oh, Faye Wong...Where was I? Shit, I dunno. Maybe I should just flip a coin.

Not even close

I actually enjoyed Fallen Angels more, and i believe them to be cinematic equals.

I do too, but if I have to choose one...shit, I still don't know.

Pretty even for me, but I'll take Chungking.

Even when I just watched them both deserve a rewatch, but Fallen Angels hit harder for me