Hitman vs. Doom



Doom vs. Hitman: two ridiculous video game-to-film adaptations... I have to go with Doom just for the short FPS-style scenes and the always-delightful presence of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

How the hell do you get the time to see so many movies AND play videogames?

Karl Urban, plus Martian Universal logo. Doom.

I know nothing of the games. I love Karl Urban and The Rock (or, at least, the action star The Rock COULD have been), but I couldn't help it; I thought Doom sucked. Meanwhile, I thought Hitman was decent. Not great, but a decent action flick. I've even seen it twice. Will probably not sit through Doom again.

I used to play Doom all the time as a teenager, and I can definitely say that the movie didn't even come close to capturing the spirit or fun of the game. Of course, a game and a movie are two different things. I never played the Hitman game, but there is no doubt in my mind that the Hitman movie is far more entertaining than Doom the movie. Even if I had never played Doom, I would still have found the movie substandard compared to other movies like it. Olga Kurylenko is an excellent ornament, as well.

Timothy Olyphant and The Rock are both likeable motherfuckers. Generally I'd favour the Dwayne Johnson cool over the Olyphant charm but DJ's characterization just wasn't very good (or substantial actually). Olyphant was kinda miscast too (if they were trying to stay true to Agent 47) but he was still charismatic enough to help pass the time. I suppose when all is shot and done, Hitman was about average and Doom was slightly short of average (with the exception of one badass scene).