Mystic River vs. Million Dollar Baby



Two Eastwood flick head to head - got to be Million Dollar Baby. Whilst I don't find Mystic River to be as dull as others do, Sean Penn hams it up waay too much. Plus I fancy Hilary Swank.

Million Dollar Baby was cobbled together from a bunch of short stories so there isn't the cohesiveness to the story that there is to Mystic River.

I'll go ahead and say that Mystic River is the better film. But Million Dollar Baby is ranked higher for me, strictly because it had the "theater" experience. I'll never forget MDB as long as I live....brutal!

if you go for MDB vs MR............... Then the winner will be MR Bcoz Sean penn And Tim is Reallly unbeleivable............

I'll go with Mystic River, because the narrative feels much stronger. Million Dollar Baby feels a bit tedious, in my eyes. Both films feature great performances.

Probably the best two films Eastwood ever directed, but Million Dollar Baby is certainly the best film he's made.

Both are great Eastwood films but I'll side with Million Dollar Baby.

Two of Eastwood's better films. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Mystic River is the more critically acclaimed film, but I personally like Million Dollar Baby.