Source Code vs. Kick-Ass



I didn't love either of these films quite as much as I wanted to, but both are definitely a step in the direction that their respective genres should be taking, as far as I'm concerned. Source Code is an intelligent and intriguing take on alternate realities that simply didn't go as far into the multiverse concept as I hoped, while Kick-Ass did a great job with some elements of superhero parody/homage, but ended up with an imbalance of memorable characters (Hit-Girl and Big Daddy) and forgettable ones (Kick-Ass himself). I'll go Source Code for being the more ambitious film and the closer to my personal cinematic sweet spot.

The memorable parts of Kick-Ass that you mentioned, faithx5, are pretty much the ONLY things I remember. Everything else kind of falls in the same category of forgetful as the non-Ellen Page parts of Super. Now Source Code is the type of film I wish was more of a "standard fare" at the theaters these days: a smart and adult thriller with a sci-fi polish. Same with The Adjustment Bureau. Also, Source Code gets major points for being set in Chicago. :)

Source Code crapped all over my heart when they stuck a happy ending that actually makes very little sense when you stop and think about it. Kick-Ass is pretty awesome except when the high schoolers are banging all over the place...then I felt like a creepy old man even though I am in my mid 20s.

Source Code is far and away the superior to Kick-Ass. There isn't an adverb in the dictionary that can precede how bored I was during the entirety of Kick-Ass. It's under two hours long, but I would have sworn that it was longer than Mankiewicz's 'Cleopatra'. Not a single engaging or intriguing moment in the entire film. Source Code, on the other hand, was fantastic. Thought-provoking and emotionally stimulating unlike many modern science fiction films.