His Girl Friday vs. It Happened One Night



His Girl Friday has razor-sharp dialogue and a great performance from Cary Grant, but the film loses a bit of steam once the storyline with the convicted murderer begins. Meanwhile, It Happened One Night could be the greatest romantic comedy ever made. Easy choice.

I don't think His Girl Friday EVER loses steam--it may be one of the fastest-paced movies ever, with that dizzying dialogue--and I'd argue that Roz Russell matches Grant word for word, but in the end I have to agree with you, Caesar. His Girl Friday may be perfect, uproarious comedy, but it doesn't quite have the heart of It Happened One Night, a movie I could watch over and over again. HGF is in my top 50, but Capra's film is in my top 20.

Two of the Best leading men in Showbiz history and I do like the story of Happened one night more the dialog and feel of His Girl Friday wins My fav rom-com of the 40's love the film

His Girl Friday is very good, but It Happened One Night is great.

GAH! I love these both. But the story in Night wins out for me.