His Girl Friday vs. Bringing Up Baby



Two brilliant Howard Hawks screwballs. Must I decide?

Ooh, a toughie. I'm honestly not sure.

Both terribly over-baked comedies that feature unlikable characters and contrived scripts.

Once again, Ufhamlet hits the nail on the head. Both movies are wildly overpraised.

His Girl Friday is very good. Bringing Up Baby is great.

Gotta go with Bringing Up Baby here. Neither quite lived up to my expectations, but Baby was definitely closer.

These films both were weird, in a good way. I'll say BUB.

Such silly screwball comedies which were done right. I love Baby, but His Girl Friday wins it for me.

His Girl Friday

Russell is just so much better than Hepburn. For me anyway.

I don’t really like his girl Friday, but it’s quite a bit better than the other option

They may be a bit screwball but I still believe they are both solid pictures, In a pinch id have to go with his girl Friday