Shaolin Soccer vs. Kung Fu Hustle



The two Stephen Chow masterpieces. I'm not too big a fan of soccer though, so Kung Fu takes it for me.

My two favorite Stephen Chow movies (and I've seen all of them). Shaolin Soccer has always been my favorite, so naturally, I'm going with that one.

Referential humour at it's idiotic best!

I saw Kung Fu Hustle in the theater, but the humor didn't really connect with me. I may need a second viewing. But I LOVED Shaolin Soccer.

I personally prefer Shaolin Soccer because: 1. Better soundtrack; 2. Better, even more resounding ending [although Hustle's ending was quite masterful as well]; and 3. More believable realistic villain. [Although you COULD argue that Hustle has better action, which I do agree on, but is rather irrelevant compared to Soccer's excellent humor.]

Kung Fu Hustle was certainly the more skillfully made film in the technical sense(cinematography, sound design, visual effects etc.) However, Shaolin Soccer just had the better script with a tighter narrative and conflict, a more focused plot, stronger emotional resonance, and to me, funnier jokes.