Jarhead vs. Black Hawk Down



on 1/13/2010


on 5/21/2011


on 5/21/2011

Wow...Jarhead wasn't 1/10 the movie of Black Hawk Down. No contest here...

on 6/27/2011

Blackhawk, no question, far more intense.

on 8/20/2011

Neither was off the charts, but Jarhead.

on 10/1/2011

I'm not really a big war movie fan, but these were both pretty good. I only just finished Jarhead, while BHD I saw several years ago, but I think I remember BHD as a bit better...

on 6/28/2012

Black Hawk Down was awesome

on 6/28/2012

Black Hawk Down is the better film.

on 6/28/2012

Jarhead was good, but Black Hawk Down was awesome! Exhausting, and a little less gripping now that I've seen it several times, but still awesome!

on 6/12/2013

Jarhead, a movie with pathos and incredible, intelligent narration, versus... Black Hawk Down? What?

on 7/30/2013

black hawk down wins here

on 3/23/2014

Black Hawk Down easily.