Dredd vs. Judge Dredd



After seeing Dredd, I was curious to go back and see how it compared to the Stallone film, which I had not seen since 1999. The 2012 film is too short, too violent, and too digitized. But it has good acting from Karl Urbam, Olivia Thirlby (who I fancy), and Lena Headey. And I forgot how truly AWFUL the Stallone vehicle is. It's too much like Demolition Man, with none of that film's virtues. It's cartoonish, exaggerated, tries to be comic when it should be try to be gritty, it has Rob Schneider. It was disavowed by Judge Dredd's creator, and I can see why. It is definitely at the low end of the pool of Stallone's stinkers. I am watching it now and I do not even want to finish watching it!

Too violent? What does that even mean? I can't begin to procesd this.


Some people like gore - I don't. I can tolerate gore for the sake of viscerality, suspense, or as a element of an emotionally involving story, like Braveheart, Aliens, Rambo, Robocop, The Punisher, Kill Bill, etc. but having a flare lodge in someone's head, and then having their face explode, all in grandiose 3D CGI, it's not my idea of fun. There are a lot of moments like that in Dredd. With something like High Tension (one of the goriest films I've seen, even though I know there are far worse) the gore belongs there; it's a horror film. With something like Dredd, for me, the gore distracts from the viscerality, it distracts from what it should be, an action film. And I think that's why it tanked at the box office, although it may have ekked enough of a profit for a sequel to be made, which I would like to see.

Oh man, Robocop is like the epitome of unnecessary violence-for-the-sake-of-it. I mean, I like it, and admittedly probably partially for that reason. But y'know. Fuck CGI though, I'll agree there. I don't go to movies to see a video game.

Dredd is an excellent film. No origin story, no love angle, no 12A certificate. This is an 18 rated action fest that harks back to the 80s and 90s glory days. Accurate representation of the comics also unlike the botched Stallone version, the sentence should have been death for that one.


^"I knew you'd say that."

LOL @ "an emotionally involving story, like ... Rambo, Robocop, The Punisher."

I suppose that could have been a reference to Braveheart, Aliens or Kill Bill, but I'd be hard pressed to find any of those emotionally involving either. Maybe I'm a robot...cop.

That's how you make a fucking Dredd movie Rambo!

I'm not much of a gore fan, and even though it made me wince a bit, I thought the flare in the guy's face was pretty cool! I loved Dredd. I liked that the female wasn't used as an annoyance, or as a love interest. She kicked ass just as much as Dredd did. I want a sequel and I hope it happens.

Dredd wins this, no contest.

It doesn't get much easier than this....

As a film on it's own, I didn't care too much for Dredd, visuals and production values aside. But seeing as one of the main goals was to be better than the Stallone version, and it succeeds admirably in that department, Dredd is the obvious winner here.

Stallone Dredd is a guilty pleasure of mine, more likely than not due to Stallone over the top, but greatly enjoyable performance. 2012's Dredd however is in my opinion, a great film filled with high-octane action scenes and memorable characters.

Stallone's Judge Dredd gets a lot of shit, and, well, it's not a good film in any way, but it IS fun. It's a cheesefest through and through, an expensive action B-movie with the most obvious influences of Star Wars you'll ever find. I mean, yeah, it's cheesy as hell and it's probably not true to the comics at all (although, c'mon, Stallone taking his helmet off is THAT big of a deal?), but it's actually consistently entertaining, and it's just a good time. Ofcourse the 2012 Dredd takes it, but I did get a kick out of watching the Stallone version. Cheese overload, but I don't mind it.

Hmm. Judge Dredd>Dredd