Dredd vs. Batman Begins



I'M *not* BATMAN!

Fucking DREDD!!!!

I enjoyed Batman but I loved Dredd.

Batman Begins was longer than Dredd by half of Dredd's runtime, and yet for all the pacing issues people have with it, Batman Begins is easily the more entertaining film. Dredd has some good visuals and grungy aesthetic, but it comits the cardinal sin all self-titled action movies should avoid; it's boring. The film plods along like the characters in it, and all the while I watched it I felt like I could have been watching The Raid. Batman Begins wins by murder.

It's Dredd for me.

Batman Begins. Dredd was great, I'm not saying that it wasn't, but Begins is one of the best comic book films and origin stories.

Ras al Ghul > Mamma

begins was a good origin film but the plot was to blotted and it had horrible action.dredd was simple and sweet.

Hard one. Batman Begins was a bit more impressive over all. However much of the action was poor, which is a huge downside. Ugh I guess I'll go with Dredd.

Batman Begins crushes Dredd!

Boy. Tough. Really Tough. Dredd, a fun time. But, Batman Begins really is underrated to me in the Nolan Trilogy.

Both are great films but Batman Begins, like all the other Nolan Batman flicks, just seems to revel in its own self-importance one too many times with far too much "deep" philosophy talk behind the character of the Batman that honestly makes the film come off more heavy-handed than anything else. Just trying counting how many times they use the word "fear" for instance. Dredd on the other hand, came off much more mature and intelligent in how it presents all its themes and social commentary without having its screenplay being drowned in obnoxious character monologues and just giving one hell of a kickass action film in the process.