The Kid vs. City Lights



Oy. I've only seen a little bit of Chaplin's stuff, but I absolutely love these two. The guy certainly knew how to have fun. And as much fun as The Kid is, it doesn't quite measure up to City Lights. There's the stuff with the millionaire, the boxing bit, the ending...I could go on. Chaplin's a legend for a reason.

I have to say, I enjoyed The Kid much more than City Lights. I just feel The Kid's story moves along at a better pace and features an incredible performance from Jackie Coogan.

That was my initial reaction - that The Kid was the better movie. But City Lights is beautiful fun and it didn't take me long to decide that it was the better experience. The Kid is the brisker ride, sure, but the magic I found in City Lights was just *that* much better than the joy I felt while I was watching Chaplin and Coogan do their thing.

City Lights is much better than The Kid, not to say The Kid wasn't great though.


Both of these are lovely, timeless classics. I pick City Lights by a hair.

I don't love either. I think both are very good classics. As it goes with Chaplin I love Modern times myself. With this I'll go with City lights

Love The Kid, but City Lights is just on another level for Chaplin.

City Lights has a stronger plot.. And it made me cry.

I don't know why but I can't see myself ever LOVING city lights like I do with Chaplin's other films...

City Lights tops The Kid...

City Lights is a film made exactly 10 years after The Kid and he used his prior knowledge of emotional manipulation to make us cry at the beautiful ending which surely encapsulates completely why City Lights is better than The Kid.

City Lights is much stronger on an emotional level, and while that's not a slight against The Kid (which is damn good as well), it is the thing that puts City Lights on top.

City Lights don't had the heart and emotional impact of The Kid (though it yet had a great heart and emotional impact), but it waaaaay masterful. Kid has a so weak start...