Jumanji: The Next Level vs. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle



The sequel, although not bad, is obviously just an inferior rehash of the first movie.

The first was a big surprise, cause I don't think anyone expected it to be good. The second had a lot to live up to because of this, but the sequel surprised me too. Who expects the sequel to be as funny as the first? But it was. If you like the first one, the second is worth the watch. The original characters and fun to see again and the new characters are a welcome addition. You can tell the actors thoroughly enjoy flexing their acting muscles. This is a tie, but I guess the first gets a slight edge because it was the trailblazer. I'll be anxiously waiting on a 3rd.

Yeah...gotta go with the first one...

The first one by a Jumanji mile, but both still arent as good as the original.