Pulp Fiction vs. The Departed



Oh God, how can I choose?

The Departed wins, just because.

Tough choice but I have to give it to The Departed. For no other reason than because if I had to choose which one to watch right now, it would be The Departed.

If you think The Departed wins you need to just GTFO, now. In all seriousness, they are a lot more alike then they may appear, both heavily rely on taking ideas from various other films and blending them with new ideas and re-imagining them. And lets face it when it comes to creating fresh new films based on a concoction of old, possibly tired ideas, Tarantino delivers.

Both great, both classics, but the last half hour of The Departed is the first time a film had me literally on the edge of my seat from the elevator doors to the credits.

Love them both, but Pulp Fiction is the better film. For realz, yo.

Okay, Pulp Fiction VS Taxis Driver is a hard one. But come on, the Depated is by no means one of the Top 3 Scorsese movies! So Pulp Fiction wins all the way..........groundbreaking stuff.

the departed might get minus points for being a remake of an already great film, ful it's a lot meaner than pulp fiction, and it haves more substance than inffernal affairs. pulp fiction was ground breaking indeed... I'll go with the departed because it had the balls to kill it's leading men like punks, not in heroic slow mo'.. nope... but like average punks. sad and depressing to go in shuch a way, travolta also died like a punk....but every big name in the departed got wacked, being a hollywood remake it could have had changed the fates of the characters (and it did with damon's version) but they stick to it and make the deaths even more raw by making them very informal, and casual. pulp fiction is the most iconic, and since it's older it will get more votes, a few more years and picking one of this two will get harder.

two that are definately in my top 20... The departed is the one I'd want to each right now, but I think Pulp Fiction is an better movie over all - so many movies have been influenced by it, Sam Jackson has essentially played the same character ever since (and never better). The Departed (amazingly) probably has better performances overall (career best from DiCaprio). Don't really know how to quantify my pick because both films have so much going for them.

I love the departed, but this isn't even close.

For the longest time, these were my top two films. As time has gone by, one film has slid in the ranks and the other stayed at number one and it still is. As far as stories go, these are top notch. Twists up the wazoo and fabulous characters EVERYWHERE! The dialogue was probably the most memorable from these two films besides The Godfather. However, only one of these films has stood the test of time and to this day has a cult following. I've seen more people dress up as the characters from this film for Halloween than the other. And that film is Pulp Fiction. The better film.

This is indeed a tough choice. But I would have to go with "Pulp Fiction" based on the non-linear narrative structure. "The Departed" is a great film, but also more traditional in form--not as much of a groundbreaker. And as someone else said, not Scorsese's best by a long shot. ("Raging Bull" wins by a KO!)

This is a tough one. These are two of the best movies when dealing with replay value. My Irish pride wants to go with Departed but I think Pulp Fiction will get the vote due to seniority.

I think it was Paul Schrader who said Tarantino was the antithesis of everything he and Scorsese were trying to accomplish with their movies. I'm going with THE DEPARTED, for reasons too numerous to mention.

Pulp Fiction is unique, but The Departed has the depth, as well as the performances, that Pulp Fiction lacks. The only notable performance in Pulp Fiction, in my opinion, is Samuel L. Jackson.

For me it is 'Pulp Fiction', without a doubt. I like 'The Departed' but it is not a favorite to sit through due to length and the linear structure. I can (and have) walk into any scene in 'Pulp Fiction' plop down in front of the T.V. and enjoy every single second of it. That is a winning film in my opinion. And, Charyou_Tree, I don't see how you can count out Bruce Willis and John Travolta, as well as the only 'good' role we've ever gotten out Ving Rhames.

I don't like letting a movie like The Departed come out on the losing side of a match-up, but Pulp Fiction is just too great. I think the clincher for me is the Jackson-Travolta duo. But seeing DiCaprio play a pill-popping police informant is a highlight too.

shit! hard one

this isn't that hard departed is good but can't compare it to pulp fiction


The Departed is great, but it doesn't have anywhere near the re-watch value Pulp Fiction -- a movie I could watch every week and not get sick of. So it's Pulp for me.

Again, after watching them again a few times, I have to say I was wrong when I said The Departed was better. Pulp Fiction is.

I liked The Departed, sure, but it wasn't a game-changing, mind-blowing movie with hilarious, witty dialogue and cool to spare. That's Pulp Fiction.

The Departed: Good, but not great. Pulp Fiction: Absolutely fantastic

this is a hard one, but I think I have to go with pulp fiction just barely over the departed. the departed was still a great movie though.

The Departed is an awesome movie but I don't think I can rank it higher than Pulp Fiction.

The Departed for me. I enjoy Pulp Fiction, but I am no means a Tarantino worshiper. To me...the cast was simply more dynamic. I'll agree it's not nearly as iconic, but for me, I am shipping up to Boston....

the departed. great movie and great acting. pulp fiction was just a cluster of different characters and their problems. didnt care much for the movie.

Both personal favorites of mine. I have to say, Taxi Driver is probably my favorite Martin Scorsese film; I think I would have to go with Pulp Fiction.

WHY DO YOU MAKE ME CHOOOSE??? I guess it's Pulp Fiction by a tiny margin.

I have to go with Pulp Fiction. The storytelling is the best I have ever seen, the writing is casual but excellent, the direction is tight, the acting is top notch, and the characters are unforgettable. The Departed is a great movie, but is it a timeless one?

It's not even close for me. Pulp Fiction is a pure classic. The Departed gets overly praised because of the big names involved. If you delivered the same story but change out the cast and take the name Scorsese off the title, most people would call it a crap film based on story and substance alone. Yes, the Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs wasn't very good either.

@Avenger7 When I first watched the movie, I didn't know who Scorsese was, I didn't know any of the cast except DiCaprio and Nicholson, And I loved it, So shut up. However, I think Pulp Fiction is better, More entertaining, more rewatch value, and slightly better performances.

Both great movies. But im not from Boston, so I guess I can pick Pulp Fiction without regret. Although I do like chowder.

@Avenger. "Most people"? Your fan-gauge might be a little out of whack because 'most people' consider Infernal Affairs to be a good film. Moving on... Pulp Fiction is a very enjoyable movie but, I dunno, it made its name on being cool and I (the foremost expert on cool) just don't see it as being quite that cool. I think of the actors here and I just can't bring myself to say the cast in PF excells in the coolness department. Travolta is categorically uncool, Jackson is accidentally cool (the same way Plan 9 is unintentionally funny) and Thurman is also pretty blah. It's a credit to Tarantino that he can max out his stars I guess. They still can't compare to DiCaprio, Nicholson, Wahlberg, Damon and Baldwin though. Just sayin', If we were all back in High School, I know whick clique would be chillin' with me.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eSN8Cwit_s&ob=av3e Refer to this link if you want to see a glimpse of Mark Wahlberg's dark, uncool past.

Love the Departed, possibly Scorsese 4th best, but Pulp Fiction is a serious candidate for best and most important film of the past 20 years.

Hey, Good Vibrations is a classic! Marky Mark was barbell curling with masonry units, that's badass. Plus, he was a pioneer for male underwear models evrywhere! OK, so maybe I had some difficulty typing all that up with a straight face, but he's made some corrections now and was utterly awesome in The Departed: "Maybe. Mabe not. Maybe fuck yourself."

I can't claim to be cool, nor are my tastes in entertainment. A couple of years ago, I even put "Good Vibrations" on a CD that I used for driving music. I do agree that Wahlberg is one of the best parts of The Departed. The rest of the movie is just OK. I haven't gotten Pulp Fiction out of my system yet, since I was young and impressionable when it was first released. I saw The Departed when I was a full-fledged jaded adult. Whether it's cooler than Pulp Fiction or not, I can't say. I do like The Departed more than Infernal Affairs, though.

This is the kind of match up that makes this site great, gut check time. I absolutely loved the Departed but Pulp Fiction was almost a religious experience. Pulp with the win!

I hate those Scorsese x Tarantino bouts. HATE IT. It should be illegal. Once again,Scorsese got this. But hey...Inglorious is @ my top 10. Don't hate on me.

I love The Departed, it is one of the best crime movies of the decade. But I don't think anything will ever top Pulp Fiction for me. So I can't pick The Departed here. Pulp Fiction is a masterpiece.

I didn't like Pulp Fiction the first time I saw it. I like it more now, though, and it has one of my favorite movie lines: [gunshot] "....oh, I'm sorry. Did I break your concentration?" To @Avenger7: The huge cast and Scorsese make that film. They're the reason why it's awesome! Most shocking last 15 minutes or so of a movie I've seen. Both are in my top 15, but I like The Departed more. Damo (and I didn't forget the N) is funny when he yells "You fahkin homos!"


Easily pulp fiction


The Departed is on my top 5 best movies of all time, but Pulp Fiction is the perfect film imo and su it wins.


The Departed destroys Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction wins hands down.

Both are unbelievable, can't really decide to be honest. The Departed probably just scrapes it because I would watch it again over Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction wins it, but it is pretty close.

The Departed has a tighter story and better acting.

Both movies in my top 10, Tarantino's genius is shown in Pulp Fiction but Scorcese is on a much higher level.

The Departed.

The Departed is still very engaging in 5+ viewings, Pulp fiction bored the shit out of me the second viewing.

The Departed wins

The Departed has a richer plot that I found more gripping. I could write a lot more but can't be bothered. My opinion: Departed is better

While Departed's twist and turns may make a more exciting viewing experience, Pulp's fantastic characters and scenarios make you feel like you could watch them forever, which many people have.

Tarantino beats Scorsese this round.

Pulp Fiction easily wins this one. The Departed is still really great, but its more like Scorsese's 5th best film in my opinion, while Pulp Fiction is Tarantino's best.

Tarantino's best vs. Scorcese's best, based on what I've seen of the two so far. Really impressed by both, especially since The Departed finally managed to fully bring me round to appreciating Scorcese's style after three previous outings of gradually improving but never overwhelming quality (Taxi Driver, Shutter Island and Goodfellas). But given a choice, Pulp Fiction is the film I'd want to watch again more, so it wins.

Pulp Fiction wins in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

Very Tough battle between classics but i go Departed.

I'll take The Pulp

If I had to pick one of these movies to be the only one I get to watch ever again in life I'd pick: Pulp Fiction

Pulp fiction

The Departed has the better story and acting (though Pulp has great acting as well). The only clear advantage that Pulp has on Departed is dialogue. Pulp is filled with great one-liners, but that's not nearly enough to justify placing it higher on my chart.

Pulp Fiction is better on every level

I like The Departed but no where near as much as Pulp Fiction.

An absolute no contents. The Departed was an underwhelming remake of a truly great movie - Infernal Affairs. Pulp Fiction is nothing short of a game-changing masterpiece.

Story = Departed Characters = tie Acting = tie Direction = Pulp fiction Dialogue = No contest.... Best scenes = Pulp fiction

Maybe Pulp Fiction.Maybe The Departed.Maybe fuck yourself.

Pulp Fiction over the Internal Affairs remake any day.

The departed wins in my book.It had better story and better performances and a jaw droping finale

Pulp Fiction is the best gangster movie next to The Godfather without a doubt. Tarantino crushes all the puny Scorsese gangster movies.

what makes the departed a great movie else than its second half? Pulp fiction is full of greatness from start to finish. PF wins

i enjoyed more The Departed as much than Pulp Fiction so i pick The Departed


Very few films can outshine Pulp Fiction. I just love it!

The Departed is much better tbh. I loved Pulp Fiction and it's fun, engaging and dynamic but Leo + Nicholson + Matt Damon + Whalberg adding to the mix of a great story, great ending and great directing gives The Departed the edge. Nothing has changed since my first watch, The Departed is still Martin Scorsese's greatest film and a masterpiece. 10/10, meanwhile i'd give a 9/10 to Pulp.

PF for me, departed is still great

The Departed is good but pulp fiction is great .pulp fiction wins

Tarantino beats Scorsese on this occasion

Pulp Fiction is better in literally every single way.

Pulp Ficiton all the way.