Pulp Fiction vs. Kill Bill Vol. 1



How could you make me decide?

Hate to go against the film that made him famous, but it's Kill Bill.

'Kill Bill' is my current favorite movie ever, so easy choice for me. All of Quentin's movies rock in my opinion.

This is a tough one... But it's Kill Bill here.

If he'd released "The Whole Bloody Affair" this would be an easy choice for Kill Bill.


Pulp Fiction was better. While I absolutely loved Kill Bill, it's really nothing more than a revenge flick -- with lots and lots of style.


. . . I'm kinda going back on my word. LOL. Kill Bill all the way.

Kill Bill is more fun, so Kill Bill it is.

Are you kidding me? How is this even a contest. Is it just because you haven't watched Pulp in a while? Kill Bill is good, but this shouldn't even be a tough decision.

Kill Bill is my least favorite Tarantino but it is still one of my favorite movies all together. This one obviously goes to Pulp Fiction, though.

purists will disagree but ive gotta go with Kill Bill

The Kill BIll saga is Tarantino's best work in my opinion, followed by Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Basterds, Reservoir Dogs, and then Jackie Brown (let's forget that Death Proof happened).


Aaaand, back to Pulp Fiction.

Very hard decision but Pulp Fiction is brilliant storytelling. It barely wins


Pulp Fiction is the groundbreaking masterpiece that is hard to beat.


Pulp Fiction is the groundbreaking masterpiece that is hard to beat.

Kill Bill seems to be a "burns brightest, burns breifest" offerning. There is no doubt its a beautiful, masterful an grandly enjoyable film, but Pulp Fiction hold a little more emotional weight. Plus I don't think we could relate to the blood thirsty cast of KB1+2 without having learned how to love psycho sadists in Pulp Fiction. It get the nod by a coke nose.

there is a beauty found in pulp fiction, that isnt in kill bill. both r very good films but pulp has the better dialogue and cinematography.

I quite like Kill Bill, but it just can't match with the gravure perfection of '90s Tarantino, you know what I mean? Both Pulp and Reservoir are among my all time faves, so this time I'm going with Pulp.

Pulp Fiction is a masterful story, while Kill Bill is just a very entertaining revenge film. Still great, but doesn't hold a candle to PF.

uma is aweomse in kill bill, but pulp is just better.

Both are amazing films from my favorite director. Pulp wins.

Both are masterful and are two of my very favorite movies but there's no doubt that Pulp Fiction is the better masterpiece. It's nearly flawless.

Pulp Fiction is the better movie...but I have a special place in my heart for Volume 1. Kill Bill wins...

Pulp Fiction by far. Kill Bill is a little too tedious midway through the film, when everything goes to Japan.

By contrast, for me, everything gets more interesting for me once she gets to Japan. The House of Blue Leaves is one of my favorite sequences of film, even if the Kill Bill Vol. 1 is as a whole not one of my favorites. Pulp Fiction is too long and doesn't hold my interest, except for the last sequence, with Samuel Jackson's long monologue...

Pulp Fiction is clearly the better entry. QT can be hit or miss (Django and Kill Bill being misses for me) but when he hits, he hits big.

I prefer uma twisting and od-ing

Pulp Fiction remains Tarantino's masterpiece, but Kill Bill is still a masterpiece (if that makes sense, which it probably doesn't.)

I've now seen both films in the past week. Kill Bill 1 moved a ton of places on my list but Pulp Fiction has retained its #4 placing!

Two of Tarantino's greatest but Pulp Fiction is his best film.

I'm going with Kill Bill on this one.It taught me that even if you have "FUCK" tattooed across your knuckles and drive a truck that has "Pussy Wagon" painted on the side,you can still overcome the odds and get a job taking care of comatose women in a hospital.

Definitely going with the Bride on this one.

Lol, first Pulp Fiction rank.

Very difficult decision, but I must give this to Pulp Fiction.

Mia > Beatrix.

I love both but Pulp Fiction is the masterpiece.

I find that as 3 movies - Kill Bill Volumes 1, 2 & Pulp Fiction are as good as each other, so I'll always keep them ranked together. BUT if we are counting Kill Bill as one film - we have a clear winner.

Pulp Fiction is the better made film, (Better plot, characters, acting) but Uma's acting performance was better in Kill Bill. (Though it's still good in Pulp Fiction too) She is beautiful in both though.

Both are great works of Tarintino, but Pulp Fiction takes it for me.

PF is the best QT movie

Pulp Fiction is the much better film here, but Kill Bill Volume 2 is Tarantino's best.