Pulp Fiction vs. A Clockwork Orange




I have watched Pulp Fiction over and over and over again. It's just a pure pleasure to watch. A Clockwork Orange I've only seen once, but it feels like I saw it yesterday - it's unforgettable.

Pulp it is...

Yea, Pulp


Pulp it is. But Clockwork is no pushover.



I prefer Pulp Fiction but even on his worst day Kubrick is better than Tarantino, this is one exception.

a clockwork orange

A Clockwork Orange looks brilliant, even by today's standards. Pulp Fiction does too and will hold up for years to come. ACO is more iconic in my eyes and has affected my life, very powerful. Pulp Fiction was a great contribution to cinema but will never mean the same to me as ACO has.

Dang. I LOVE Pulp Fiction, but Clockwork Orange wins for me.

Interesting matchup indeed. In the end though, Clockwork was just a much more powerful movie and stays with you more. If you can stomach the first half, it'll leave a profound mark on you. Pulp is a fine movie from a technical aspect but the actual story lacks depth. Clockwork for me.


Pulp takes it.

Both just Awsome as we all know Kubrick for me though

I went with ACO because it has more (.) (.) in it

Clockwork Orange easy!

As much as I love The Droogies, this matchup is easy, Pulp Fiction

Clockwork for me.

Clockwork. Kubrick >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tarantino.

Pulp by a narrow margin


I found Clockwork Orange very disturbing. I understand its importance in film history, and how it can be described as artistic in its approach, but Pulp Fiction is a much better film.

Pulp Fiction over Alex and his droogs...

both are groundbreaking classics and always fun to watch, this is a though match. right now, i'm going for pulp fiction. clockwork is more aesthetically appealing, and although alex is an awesome character played in spectacular fashion, i like the variety of stories and characters from tarantino's work better, as well as the storytelling. besides, i gotta say pulp fiction is a bit more on the lighthearted side in many ways, while clockwork might be a little too dark.


Love both films but give slight edge to Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction is as boring as boring gets. Also, really bad written and horribly disjointed. A Clockwork Orange is a classic and Kubrick IS GOD! Jk, but I love his style and perfectionism more than anything.

Pulp Fiction just never did it for me. Clockwork Orange isn't my favourite Kubrick but damn does it hook me in effortlessly!

A Clockwork Orange is superior to Pulp Fiction. The dialogue in Pulp fiction is more interesting, but the Ultra-vilolence is shot better in A Clockwork Orange. The hyper-realistic violence in Pulp Fiction makes it less watchable than the more violent but cartoonish A Clockwork Orange.


A Clockwork Orange is one of a few I prefer to Pulp Fiction.