Pulp Fiction vs. Star Wars



Battle.... Have to be Pulp.

Star Wars is great, but it was overshadowed by Empire and nothing Overshadows Pulp Fiction.

Going with Star Wars, obviously.

Actually, Star Wars casts an all consuming shadow over Pulp Fiction.


Pulp Fiction for sure.


Pulp Fiction, obviously......

Darth Vader's wallet says Bad-er Motherfucker on it

I have to break the tie and say Pulp Fiction. It just cannot be beaten.

I love both of these so much...

Star Wars (New Hope) isn't even the best Star Wars movie (Empire).

For now im going with Star Wars.

Star Wars wins this one.

Pulp Fiction. Better writing, directing and acting. 'nough said.

Pulp Fiction is genius.

Star Wars, All day, every day


Pulp fiction better

Two of my favorites, but I gotta go with the Fiction.

I'm actually on the Pulp Fiction side!! Star Wars has dramatically moved up on my list from 30 to 5!!! Still, no getting past PULP FICTION

Pulp Fiction

Star Wars.

Star Wars is a step above....

Star Wars for me also..............

Perfect matchup for my 25,000th ranking. PF wins

As good as Star Wars is, the choice is easy.

Star Wars by a hair.

Aah! Star Wars for me, but I'm sure people will say Pulp Fiction. I will understand.

It's harder now that I've stayed on this match up. Star Wars was the obvious winner but memories of Pulp Fiction came flooding back and now I'm torn

Pulp Fiction wins barely

You know what, Pulp Fiction rules over Star Wars

Star Wats

Pulp Fiction.

Star Wars, obviously...

Star Wars here. Both films are just absolute masterpieces, but Star Wars had a bigger impact on me.

Star Wars by miles.....

Vincent vega and company

I don't get the same feels for Star Wars so excuse me for going with m'heart

Pulp Fiction by a slight edge, I kind of overly unlike Star Wars the original.

Pulp Fiction all the way.

Star Wars is often better times.

It’s Star Wars still.

Star Wars m.

Star Wars is much better and every nomination of it’s value classic source.

I'm going with Pulp Fiction. A New Hope is great, but I think Pulp Fiction has better acting, dialogue, and is just simply a better movie. Plus Tarantino >>>>>> Lucas.