Pulp Fiction vs. Jackie Brown



One is brilliantly paced and put together, the other is simply better filmed and looks a whole lot better...

'Pulp Fiction' wins easily for me as I could watch it over and over. 'Jackie Brown' is one of Tarantino's lesser works, but that still puts it heads and shoulders over tons of other films.

love all of Tarantino's stuff so far....but Pulp Fiction is the easy choice for me.

Pulp Fiction, hands down; but Jackie Brown is still a wonderful film.

Jackie Brown FTW.

Pulp Fiction for sure. Jackie Brown is good, but Pulp Fiction is one of the alltime greats

What SeanME said.

This is a tough choice, but Jackie Brown is better by just a small margin! They're both amazing movies, but Jackie Brown is just better!

Pulp Fiction is a great movie, but is much more of a pop culture item to me. I like Jackie Brown for it having older lead characters and a more patient script. Jackie Brown is the film that reminds me that Tarantino can make a good film without relying on a gimmick. Plus, it is the only story that wasn't Tarantino.

I liked Jackie Brown, but Pulp Fiction is simply on another level.

Jackie Brown may not have been Tarantino's story, but he sure found a way to make it about his gimmicks and genre fetishism anyway. Pulp Fiction doesn't have a ohhh-that's-what-she-looks-like-now Pam Grier doing everything wrong at every opportunity, so it's a lot more watchable to me.

Pulp. Jackie Brown is great....but Pulp stays inches ahead...

Pulp Fiction is on another level...

There are heaps of people that would argue and say Jackie Brown is Tarantino's masterpiece...Now whoever gave them that idea?


Both are great... but Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie of all time.

My favorite vs my least favorite from Tarantino, that being said both are amazing films. Pulp wins.

Jackie Brown is good, but far off Pulp Fiction.

Two amazing Tarantino films, but Pulp is way more entertaining and changed cinema.

Jackie Brown is a great film, near perfect. It's certainly Tarantino's most character driven and intimate film. His other work after it just seems average in comparison. With that said, Pulp Fiction is a film I enjoy much, much more.

Jackie Brown by a nose!

Tough choice but I gotta go with Pulp Fiction

Jackie Brown was great, but no way it beats Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction, but not by much. Jackie Brown is a very underrated film.