Pulp Fiction vs. No Country for Old Men



Damn you, Flickchart...Damn you.

WAAAY too easy, 'No Country for Old Men' is the most over-hyped turd fest I have ever seen. The Coen's need to come up with a new story beyond the someones steals a bunch of money and then dies or learns something (or both!!!)!

How could one make this distinction? My god... Pulp Fiction it is! NO! No country. Wait no.. Pulp Fiction.. ARGH!

It's an easy one for me. I go with Pulp Fiction all the way.

Pulp Fiction is a very well created confection. You recognise the genius, you are tickled by the effect and while it engenders a new appreciation for the film elements it quotes and genuflects to it doesn't have the heft of a simply story well told. No Country is refreshing in its directness and while each moment seems an inexorable result of the moment preceding it, you're never sure where it will go next. Any movie that reconciles chaos and inevitablity gets my vote.

Two of My Favorites...But I'm gonna have to go with Pulp Fiction for the WIN!

While Pulp Fiction is amazing in it's construction, I love how No Country tells its story. You're looking over your shoulder the whole time, and are worn out at the end.

Well, at least I know what's in the case now...

I love Tarantino, but I always thought Pulp Fiction was overrated. No Country For The Win :)


Both are phenomenal imo (in my top 50), but Pulp Fiction is just more so.

No Country for Old Men is one of the only movies I've ever seen that I consider perfect, or at least as close to perfect as it's possible to get. It's so tightly wound it feels like it could snap at any moment. The use of sound is impeccable, the timing of every shot, the slyly funny but sparse dialog... I could go on and on. Pulp Fiction is a great movie but I feel it's more influential than purely transcendent in its own right. It would fall in the lower portion of my top 100, if it made the cut. No Country is top 10 material.


My god, I just had a tough decision with PULP vs. EMPIRE but now this?! Well this one is severely easier and that is No Country.

Pulp Fiction here. I worry about getting hit with the cattle gun for this decision though...


No Country For Old Men.

The two "closest to perfection" movies I've ever seen. Son of a bitch...

I just watched NCFOM for the second time and i loved it this time around. That being said Pulp Fiction still wins.

No country for old men was very good but pulp fiction is just fantastic. Pulp fiction by a mile.

Love No Country, but it's just not the movie that Pulp Fiction is. Even in all the Coen's sheer brilliance....

its an easy choice for me ,pulp fiction

Possibly my two favourite films of the past 20 years. No Country for Old Men by a whisker.

no country for old men will never be pulp fiction

NCFOM for me

Both in my top 20 but Pulp Fiction is my #1 so it wins this here.

No Country for Old Men reached the #30 on my chart, in my first view. It gets higher than Pulp Fiction, because ir was #40. I don't know if it'll make his way to my top 10, just like Pulp Fiction, but so far it loses.

Pulp Fiction is really great but falls short of legendary. No Country is legendary. It is possibly my favorite ever made, and is in the company of films such as Lawrence of Arabia, The Godfather, Barry Lyndon... Pulp Fiction doesn't hold up against films like those. Pulp Fiction is honestly more brilliant than I give it credit for, but No Country is perfection.

No Country, hands down. It's simply a masterpiece, replete with philosophical depth, incredible tension, and extremely memorable characters. I liked Pulp Fiction a lot more as a teenager, but I don't find it as engrossing nowadays. It's still a fun movie with great dialogue. It just doesn't appeal to me on a personal or emotional level to the same degree as No Country does.

Not difficult in the slightest. No Country has depth, it breaks the boundaries of a traditional western and the characters are more interesting. Pulp Fiction may be the most overrated film in history. No emotion, disjointed story without purpose, very broad characters, meaningless dialogue and incredibly uneventful. Despite the acting being great, it has nothing going for it!

Eagleskywalker, I have the exact same thoughts on Pulp Fiction! It's not even that I think the movie's bad or anything. But you seriously want me to call THAT one of the best films ever made? Fuck off, with all due respect.

PiccoloKing, is that f-off for me or for the people that generally love it? If it’s for me, I’m just voicing my opinion on a site that’s designed for people to voice their opinions. I have nothing against those who do generally love Pulp Fiction. It just didn’t do anything for me and for what I want from a film!

That wasn't for you friend, or anyone else. It's an expression of my frustration with Pulp Fiction and its lofty reputation.

Fair enough. Just had to be sure. :)

No Country by meters miles.


Love both films equally. Pulp wins for unique style quotable dialogue.


Love both films equally. Pulp Fiction wins for its unique style and quotable dialogue.

Pulp Fiction the bigger better the ever.

Ouch this one is really tough. I guess Pulp Fiction but man is it close.

While Pulp Fiction might be more entertaining and rewatchable, No Country for Old Men is a better film. The script is tighter, the pacing is perfect, and the scenes are executed flawlessly. No Country wins.

Honestly, I don't even think Pulp beats No Country on the entertainment and rewatch value front anymore.