Pulp Fiction vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



Would you get a look at this pairing?!? Absolutely impossible. Top ten films, each of these.

I actually think both movies didn't age that well. Gotta go with Pulp Fiction.


If Kubrick was the Beethoven of cinema, Tarantino is Eminem. I think these movies are separated by about 1000 ranks on my list.

To this day I sit in awe every time I watch 2001. Considering it was made in the 60's it's pretty impressive. I love the ambiguity of it. Of the two, I think Pulp Fiction is more fit for repeated viewings but my vote goes to space odyssey.

2001 is a great film, but it's not something you can sit through a lot. You have to really be in the mood for it. Pulp Fiction is great any time and I'm giving it the nod here.

Gotta go with Tarantino here.

Pretty easy choice for me here, "2001: A Space Odyssey". Stanley Kubrick, a killer score, and the development of mankind...need I say more?

2001: A Space Odyssey, hands down. And I love Pulp Fiction

You have a atmospheric film vs a dialogue driven film. An epic that was made to be epic and an epic that was made on 7mil. Both directors are eccentric and egomaniacs.This war was a match made in heaven. But Fiction is too mind numbingly watchable.

Now, those two are a really close match for me, but I kinda have to be in the right mood to watch 2001, while I could pop in Pulp Fiction any day. So the later gets my vote.

2001 is a mind blowing tour through the various technological achievements told through flashy visuals and great sound. I like Pulp Fiction as well, but have to go with 2001.

I want to fuck 2001.

I strongly disliked both of these movies. Having a difficult time deciding the lesser of two evils.

Both are in my Top 10, but 2001 is obviously the richer achievement.

Pulp Fiction without hesitation and I hate Pulp Fiction. 2001 was a trivial experience.

this cannot be done

Tarkovsky is the Beethoven of cinema. Kubrick is probably the Bela Bartok or something. Tarantino can be One Direction.

2001 crushes Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction.

I like Pulp Fiction but i can't believe there's so much discussion here. it's not even in the same league as Space Odyssey.

Pulp Fiction for me. 2001 might technically be a better film but, like an earlier comment said, I have to be in the mood for 2001 but Pulp Fiction is one I can watch anytime. Plus, Pulp Fiction forever changed the way I saw movies so it has a special place in my heart.

Pulp Fiction wins here. Didn't really have to think about it much...

I hate 2001 for its awfully bad pacing and Pulp Fiction is my 2nd favorite movie ever....So a no brainer!

2001's pacing isn't bad. I mean, unless you're expecting an action movie with actiony action scenes every minute or something.

"If Kubrick was the Beethoven of cinema, Tarantino is Eminem." Sounds like all around praise to me, but I'd rather listen to Em. 2001's alright for what it is, but what it ain't is fun fun fun. Actiony action scenes are good, but talky talk scenes can be better. 2001 just has a lot of empty empt scenes. Still a'ight though.


2001 is a fine movie but not one I get the urge to want to see more than once a year. There's only so many times I can watch something more for it's visuals than the content itself before I get bored of it. I have a very on-off relationship with Pulp Fiction; a lot of it I felt was pointless (the whole bit with Travolta and Thurman, for example) but I'll almost always be in the mood to watch that more than 2001.

I agree with Jackhammer. Pulp fiction is no doubt a great movie but i never really liked it. There were some stupid scenes which really tested my patience.

I gotta give it to 2001.

I agree with OneFuckTooMany. Nothing really happens in 2001, so naturally Pulp Fiction kicks its fucking ass.

I'm switching over to Pulp Fiction. I just re-watched 2001 and I just discovered how boring and tedious it really is, Pulp Fiction on the other hand I'm starting to enjoy more than I did on my previous viewings.

Farm more difficult than I would ever think this choice could be.

I love the comfortable silences

2001 is my preference

Not even close 2001 EASY..

Pulp Fiction is a lot deeper than I thought it was the first time I saw it,but it still goes nowhere as deep as Kubrick's masterpiece.

Story and narration - 2001; direction - 2001; themes - 2001.

Pulp Fiction! Oh I'm sorry did I break your concentration?

2001 is a good idea for a movie, but the movie is so terribly executed that it falls flat on every level.

Complex and beautiful vs meaningless and poorly written. 2001 transcends film on an entirely different level. I probably missed something involving Pulp Fiction. Did you have to see it when it came out to "get it"?


Two epics, but 2001 is on another level.

i love pulp fiction, but 2001 is on a whole other level

2001 by a wide margin...

Both are total greatest classics ever but pulp fiction is far the superior film.

Pulp for entertainment value, 2001 for technical filmmaking. Even though I've seen 2001 only once, and Pulp four times. 2001 will still remain more mind boggling and awe inspiring.

2001 a space odyssey is worse

damn, this one is tough. I liked the style of pulp fiction though.