Pulp Fiction vs. Finding Nemo



I just got the exact same choices again! That's it, after I make this decision I'm going to poop.

Really tough choice but my love for Tarantino wins out.

Pulp. Fiction. Wins.

No contest.

I love me some little missing fishy, but I have to give it to Pulp Fiction, mostly because I can't recite 80% of Finding Nemo.

I wouldn't vote for Finding Nemo over any other Pixar movie (except Cars), let alone a Tarantino movie (especially Pulp Fiction).

Yep, this is really too easy. My love for Tarantino films is almost boundless, and no number of cute fishies can change that. Sorry, dear Pixar.

No contest? REALLY? ... Ok, yeah, you're, PF beats a cool fish movie every day. (But FINDING NEMO beats any other PIXAR except for RATATOUILLE, UP and WALL-E. Just sayin'.)


I love the fish, but c'mon, it's PULP FICTION! Lol.

Took me a while to decide. I took the unpopular choice of Finding Nemo.

Pulp Fiction holds up.

Yes that's right I'm choosing Finding Nemo. Only just though.

Pulp Fiction still easily wins

Sorry Nemo.

Finding Nemo is one of my favorite Disney Pixar films but I got to go with pulp fiction

Nemo. Pulp Fiction and all Tarantino works are a lot overrated.

No contest

I enjoyed Pulp Fiction but Finding Nemo wins here because of the emotional depth, Pulp Fiction wasn't an emotional movie.