Pulp Fiction vs. Sin City



This is insanely difficult of a choice.


Pulp Fiction rules!

its gotta be pulp fiction!

Going with Pulp Fiction!

Pulp Fiction is a great film, but I got to go with Sin City because I love the neo-noir style that it uses.

Gotta give it up for unrestricted style...

Had to think for a little bit on this one...oh wait. Not really. Pulp Fiction ftw

Would there be a Sin City had there not been a Pulp Fiction first?I say Pulp Fiction is top 10 worthy & Sin City is 10-20 worthy.Both movies will blow your mind!

Pulp easy

No contest, Pulp Fiction blows Sin City away. And I love Sin City.

No chance

Sin City is extremely stylish and contains a few interesting characters. At least the main ones are interesting plus the yellow bastard. But PF is God and SC is creation. Pulp Fiction has memorable line after continuous memorable line, with every scene being extremely intriguing and investing (except that scene with Butch's wife). The scenarios the characters end up in in PF are more well-written, and are actually very layered and complex. PF actually makes you question life's chaos and coincidence, as well as the briefcase whereas SC is just an extremely stylish action film, with great main characters.

Sin City by far. Still haven't understood the big deal about Pulp Fiction, probably never will.

Pulp Fiction

Love the fiction, but have to go with Sin City for the hyperstylized look.