No Country for Old Men vs. American Psycho



on 7/29/2009

Feed me a stray cat??? This is hardly a choice.

on 7/30/2009

No Country for Old Men is great, but not as great.

on 8/8/2009

American Psycho is a brilliant film and super funny (the book is even more fucked up though). Also, if you like American Psycho you should defiantly check out Vampire's Kiss because Nick Cage's Character is pretty much Patrick Bateman. No Country for Old Men is just a better film and, even though it isn’t a horror film, has a scary character with Javier Bardem (who is the heartthrob in Vicky Christina Barcelona WTF).

on 8/9/2009

No Country for Old Men is a perfect movie. American Psycho is really good, but just isn't near the same league. And Anton Chighur is much more terrifying than Patrick Bateman. Chighur kills as if its a matter of fact, whereas death is like a drug for Bateman, and druggies always overdose, get clean or get caught. When killing is your business, and its just a cold reflex, you won't get caught.

on 8/28/2009

NO COUNTRY is slightly superior filmmaking, but the story is kind of standard, even with Cormac McCarthy's genius behind it. PSYCHO is somehow more relevant, more disturbing, and more rewatchable. But this is a close one...

on 10/22/2009

American Psycho? Certainly well-made but seemed to say very little. Patrick Bateman kills people and thinks it's funny. So why am I watching it?

on 11/18/2009

I honestly am not seeing American Psycho as being this great film that it's made out to be, so this decision is a rather simple one for me. No matter my immense respect for Bale as an actor, Chigur is on another level when compared to Bateman.

on 12/3/2009

Patrick Bateman is ludicrous. Chigur is understated evil. What do you think wins?


on 1/4/2011

My vote could change after viewing them both again, but right now my vote is for American Psycho.

on 1/24/2011

No Country is, hands down, the better film.

on 8/18/2011

I'll have to break the tie and go with No Country. I was dazzled by it on my first viewing and I've seen it nearly countless times. I love American Psycho, but it really cannot compare against the Coens.

on 8/28/2011

No Country for Old Men is the better film, no question. It's a masterpiece.

on 1/23/2012

American Psycho is so much better.

on 3/26/2012

I have to go with American Psycho. Bale is brilliant.

on 8/10/2012

No Country, BY A MILE!!!

on 12/10/2012

NCFOM as well. A pretty awesome executed film.

on 4/1/2013

American Psycho is a great movie but No Country For Old Men is a masterpiece. It has so much bundled into it, it's a sensational experience. Every scene is memorable and the acting, notably Bardem's, is first rate. Even though they are both very popular films, this isn't a contest.

on 4/2/2013

Got no problem going American Psycho here. Fan of both....but Psycho gets the edge...

on 4/2/2013

No Country wins it for me.

on 9/21/2013

No Country For Old Men.

on 10/26/2013

No Country for Old Men wins in my book, but I adore both.

on 7/26/2014

Going with American Psycho. Not many films can be so darkly funny.

on 8/11/2014

I know NCFOM is a well-made film with deeper themes, but "American Psycho's" Bateman is such a scary, funny and fascinating character. I go with "American Psycho."

on 9/16/2014

American Psycho is the movie that made me a fan of Bale, absolutely ran with that role. But the better movie Is No Country and is also #2 on my list :)

on 4/28/2015

I love American Psycho but it is no match for No Country for Old Men

on 11/5/2015

No country for old men is definitely in my top 20 and though No Country for Old Men is a better film, American Psycho's message touched me more (anti-consumerism, anti-vanity and shallowness) and I love the comedy more.


on 2/22/2018

No Country is the winner here.

on 12/7/2018

No Country certainlty beats the crap out of American Psycho.

on 12/7/2018

American Psycho>No Country for Old Men

on 6/7/2019

I can relate to No Country because I often question my future and feel bad from previous decisions in the past but I can also relate to American Psycho as someone who, in their daily life, seems empty but really judges society and tries to be better than the rest. Damn, I only just realised I'm technically a sociopath... oh well, at least I have a good taste in film. No Country is fantastic but American Psycho is a movie I rewatch every few months and I probably quote it more in my daily life than any other movie!