No Country for Old Men vs. The Silence of the Lambs



Battle of Best Picture winners. This one isn't close. No Country even has a better villain.

No Country wins by a smidge due to the Chigur character and Boland's performance.

NO COUNTRY is an art movie dressed up like a pulpy thriller. LAMBS is a pulpy thriller dressed up like an art movie.

Go Silence Of The Lambs!! For me there's no question on this one.

Hannibal Lecter vs. Anton Chigurh. Wow. What a choice.

no country is a far more subtle gross out murder fest

1991 Best Pic vs 2007 Best Pic.. Two of my all-time favorite villains.. Hmm.

2 great films - there's no loser here. But in terms of groundbreaking and cultural impact, I think it's clear Silence matters slightly more.


Tough choice but No Country for Old Men is an original toughie.

I hands down loved No Country for Old Men. (same thing for Silence of the Lambs)


Both are fantastic, but I felt Silence of the Lambs was a more complete movie experience.


Yikes. Hurts a bit, but going with No Country for Old Men.

Silence of the Lambs because I have seen it many times, yet whenever I see it on tv i have to watch it, while never getting sick of it.

Going for No Country For Old Men on this one.



No Country by a huge margin.

both are super intense and awesome . Acting wise: Silence of the Lambs. Story wise: No Country. Rewacthable: No Country.

Silence feels disposable somehow. It's really competent on a lot of levels, but somehow you just don't care about it after it's over. Overrated or not, No Country is one of the few modern American films that will be remembered down the line.

Silence...I just can't pick against it....

Switching over to No COuntry for the time being.

Silence of the Lambs is an excellent thriller, but No Country for Old Men is tighter, more slick and better directed.

No Country over No Sound.

Silence of the Lambs by far.

Silence of the Lambs for sure. I hate to admit it, but I just don't get off on the Coen Brothers, and NCFOM is a prime example of why.

Silence of the lambs wins this pretty easily. And no country is still a great film

No Country is amazing, but Silence is even more so.


Silence of the Lambs winner winner human flesh dinner.


Silence of the Lambs

I haven't seen either of these films in a while, but looking back, I'd probably say NCFOM.

ncfom defo

Great pairing but Silence is the better film in my opinion

Actually I just rewatched No Country and I think it wins this one

I loved both pretty equally, but I guess I'm just more into No Country.

Btw, Javier Bardem look a lot like Buffalo Bill.

Two creepy freaking thrillers. Lambs takes it for me, but I sure do love No Country as well.

No Country for Old Men is the clear winner for me. No two ways about it.

No Country by a small margin. Chigur is the greatest villain of all time imo.