No Country for Old Men vs. Captain America: Civil War



This one isn't easy unless you someone who hates the MCU. I'm sure SquareMaster didn't watch Civil War though so we are safe from his stupidity. I think Civil War was really well done but once again it doesn't make you hold your breath at all. You know going in that no is at risk so it kind of brings the emotion down for me. No Country is a gripping ride from start to finish.

No country, as there isn't a single measurable aspect of CW that can match it on any level.

What was the worst part, though? Like, which part made your blood boil?

" we are safe from his stupidity." Spoke too soon. Don't try to reason with it, Tory. Best not to engage it at all. Let it die alone.

No Country For Old Men. On a whole other level.

Captain America: Civil War combines the thrills of a summer popcorn spectacular with the craftsmanship of a more ambitious picture. Beats the hell out of NCFOM.

Civil war is what those Marvel critics have been searching for

Head nod goes to Civil War...

No Country. Easy.

Civil War is exceptional entertainment. No Country is a steaming pile.

I'm baffled how Civil War can be ahead of No Country for Old Men. No Country is surely the better movie, by an absolute landslide. It's not even close.

^right with you Nils98. Civil War is definitely a great movie but this is no contest...

No Country is f ar better film.

Civil War, switching to it.

No Country by a considerable margin.

Captain America: Civil War wins going away. Many many people hate NCFOM and it's gimmick off screen depressing crap.

No Country For Old Man wins going away. MOST people hate Shitfull War and it's gimmick off screen depressing crap.