Paranormal Activity 3 vs. Paranormal Activity



After having to tolerate 82 minutes of absolute boredom and some randomly closing doors just to get to a sub par ending it is clear that Paranormal Activity should have never been released. It was only really scary if you were expecting something and when it didn't come you let your guard down just for something else to happen. However, Paranormal Activity 3 put more thought into its story line and was actually pretty interestingly and cleverly done. How the camera from the 80 is visually better than the camera from this decade is still beyond explanation but it was generally scary and creepy. Paranormal Activity 3 is the way better movie. Even if the ending does leave some questions unanswered.

The original, the third version was good but not good enough

Paranormal Activity is a better film

They should call the next one Free On Netflix In a Month 5.

alternate: Recent Netflix Activity 5

Wasn't the fourth film just some long Skype conversation? Skype: The Movie.

Thanks for letting me know and saving me 80 minutes

It's my contribution to society.

Both pretty creepy and enjoyable films. I love how Paranormal Activity 3 focuses on its story, but the original wins it for me.

Easily the spookier and more self-contained first film. The third film has its charms, but the way it handles the task of being a prequel is just obnoxious and badly done. (All I wanted was to see the house fire, PA3! You had one job!)

I really don't understand why everyone loves the first film so much. It was boring as hell compared to its sequels, fewer and less interesting characters, and a closed-in story that NEEDS all the other films to really be something. While I still might hold the second film over it, 3 was pretty impressive despite the clusterfuck of a final scene. Sure there is some shoddy editing and some overblown stunts, but overall it's a lot more exciting, creepy, and interesting compared to the original's snooze-fest.

3 for me nothing more show in the first one

the third one has more too it so it wins for me