A Serious Man vs. Fargo



Classic Coen bros. versus their most recent film. This is difficult, but I think I'll go with Fargo.

yikes! hmm...I've seen both in the past 6 months. Both are great movies, no doubt about that. I may have to go with A Serious Man. Maybe just because it reflects a bit more in me. But these two will always be in my Top Movies of all time

A Serious man. Don't enjoy Fargo that much

I love 'A Serious Man'. I didn't like 'Fargo' as much on first viewing, but that was three or four years ago and I really need to see it again.


A serious man for me. Don't like Fargo that much Tbh, I think it's overrated

I loved the trailer for A Serious Man, really didn't like the movie.

Both are excellent but Fargo is the Coen Brothers masterpiece, in my opinion.

I like them both tremendously, but A Serious Man has been more rewarding for me after multiple viewings.

A Serious Man was great. It's probably the most bizarre Coens film I've seen so far, but it was enjoyable. Not one of the Coens best though. I'll give this one to Fargo.

Fargo is funny dark and is Coen's best film and one of y favorite crime dramas the acting and story is far better Fargo by a long shot(man was the wood chipper scene cool)

The best Coen brothers film vs. Fargo

Both in my top 3 Coens, but Fargo is their tightest film, with some of their best characters and performances, from Marge Gunderson and Jerry Lundegaard to Carl Showalter and even Mike Yanagita stealing his one scene.


Fargo is the Coen's at their A game.