Ran vs. Kagemusha



As far as I'm concerned, Kurosawa's two greatest masterpieces. Ran is #1.

Ran, easily. While I did like Kagemusha and had some fun thinking about its themes of identity, duty, and the political side of bushido, the film seemed a little dull to me (not to mention the score felt more like a gladiator film rather than a samurai epic). It also has the unfortuane luck to be matched up with Ran as Kurosawa's next film.

A face-off definitely worthy of discussion. Ran made me weep, though.

Don't make me choooose!!!

Kagemusha was said to be a dry run for Ran for Kurosawa. Ran wins this pretty easily.

Kagemusha was a warmup to Ran, but it ended up being better. It's fascinating to see the desperate generals prop up their warlord's double as the real McCoy so they can maintain order. Ran is an epic expose on the horrors of war and the corruption of inheritance, whereas Kagemusha is more disciplined and grounded, building up a smokescreen and game of deceit.