You Can't Take It With You vs. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington



Jimmy Jean Frank = Perfection. Can hardly decide which of these I like better.

Both films are directed by Frank Capra and star Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur. The choice however is very easy, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is much better if you ask me.

Mr.Smith rules one of the all time greats.

Capra was just a damn fine film maker!

Easy one for Mr. Smith...

Mr. Smith is better, but people need to see both films. Stewart is great in both and the ensemble cast in You Can't Take it with You is fabulous.

Mr. Smith of course but two awesome old films!

Mr. Smith has the rewatch value for me.

Both excellent movies but I prefer Mr. Smith. I think Stewart and Arthur are both better in Mr. Smith than in You Can't Take It With You, they both get more to do and Stewart kills it when he really gets going.