God Bless America vs. Kick-Ass



Something feels similar about these two...anyway, Kick-Ass dominates God Bless America.

God Bless America does have the trash talking girl shooting people, like Kick-Ass. Actually, Super reminds me more of God Bless America than Kick-Ass does. I thought the commentary in God Bless was too heavy-handed at times. Kick-Ass did over stress its point a bit too much, but it wasn't preachy. The gangsters in the film were deserving of punishment, as are most ruthless criminals. I could get behind Hit Girl massacring them. With God Bless, I got bored with them executing stereotypes. Yeah, America is full of vapid assholes. I'm just not sure if we need to start gunning them all down in the streets. Still, the movie did make a few funny observations.

God Bless America is way too preachy with its message. Kick-Ass is just fun.

I agree with both of you. My biggest issue with GBA was the fact that it felt the need to spechify its themes in every other scene- no subtley whatsoever. I'm not a big fan of Kick-Ass, but I think it certainly beats GBA.

"spechify" Another excellent synonym for "hand-holding", "explanatory exposition" and "telling not showing". I will be stealing this. Wait, did you just mistype 'specify' or just coin the neologism "speechify"?