Scent of a Woman vs. Outbreak



I am sorry but my deep seeded lust for Rene Russo wins this battle as I choose Outbreak. I love that woman.

HOO AH! I like to take a weird approach and rank a movie based on its merits and not lust for the female lead.

Nicely put sir. However I love both these movies. Scent of a woman is the best movie Chris Odonnell has ever been in. I think.

Surely a woman you can lust after is a merit! I don't lust after Russo though, but I still prefer Outbreak.

HOO AH! Scent of a Woman is pretty cliched admittedly, but it's still got some excellent performances. I barely remember a thing from Outbreak, so Scent of a Woman wins by default.


Scent of a Woman was overrated and Outbreak was underrated. Al Pacino has done better work and they rewarded him for this over the top Hoo Ah?

Special place in my heart for Outbreak....