Mallrats vs. Clerks.



Kevin Smith showdown!

I know most people are so loyal to the movie that started it all, but I just LOVE Mallrats. Only Dogma can beat it in any other Kevin Smith showdown.

Agree with the chick.


Clerks said it all and in comparison Mallrats seemed redundant.

Clerks was brilliant, but Mallrats was the film that really established Kevin Smith as a John Hughes for my generation.

Mallras definitely feels like more of a 'mainstream' Hollywood movie with it's over-the-top slapstick, the over-over-the-top villain and the godawful chocolate-covered pretzel scene. However, it still contains some great story elements, Kevin Smith's classic dialogue, and some honestly engaging moments. Both films contain great scenes of Jay and Silent Bob, but I feel that Mallrats incorporates them more into the story. In the end, Mallrats is a very funny film, but Clerks is more human, and thus more memorable.

Mallrats is superior. But both pale in comparison to Chasing Amy...